Meet Cynthia AI, your companion in product research.

Cynthia AI helps you understand your customer feedback, tickets, and other qualitative data at scale with no hassle on your end.

Helping you uncover actionable insights within seconds

Join our clients in saving hundreds of hours per year on analytics

Turning customer understanding into your competitive advantage.

Cynthia AI allows you to accelerate your product research with transparency and insights that helps fuel your company's growth.

Ask anything.

Get answers faster than a chatbot on caffeine.

Stumped by a data point? Just ask! 

Cynthia's deep search technology digs through your feedback treasure trove, surfacing the exact information you need, lightning-fast.

No jargon, just actionable answers. Cynthia speaks your language, not the language of spreadsheets. Get concise, actionable insights that empower you to make informed decisions and take immediate action.

Ask anything about your feedback, and witness instant, human-like responses that are not just comprehensive but also precisely tailored to your questions.

Data Ingestion Pipelines: Effortless data magic.

Connect your data sources (Zendesk, reviews, social media) with a few clicks, and Cynthia takes care of the rest.

Cynthia AI revolutionizes data handling through user-friendly integration pipelines.

Eliminate the hassle of manual uploads; let our pipelines seamlessly fetch, monitor, and analyze data for you.

Whether it's sentiment analysis or identifying key topics, Cynthia ensures your data is not just processed but transformed into actionable insights, leaving you with more time for strategic decision-making.

Automated Reports - Insights on autopilot

Stay ahead of the curve

Cynthia autonomously extracts and analyzes data from connected sources, unveiling trends, issues, and requests.

From sentiment analysis to frequency metrics, receive well-organized reports that illuminate the impact of these insights.

Cynthia transforms data into a narrative that guides your strategic decisions.

Cynthia AI measures the real-world effect of your decisions, showing you the sentiment and magnitude of impact. Prioritize initiatives with confidence, knowing which ones truly resonate.

Universal Understanding, Language No Bar

No more translation roadblocks, embrace global connection. 

Cynthia understands the language of your global audience, breaking down cultural barriers and understanding the nuances of emotion across multiple languages.

Whether dealing with slangs, romanized text, or multilingual opinions, our powerful models ensure that your data's nuances are not lost in translation. Experience the freedom to analyze diverse linguistic data with precision.

Technology that's crafted with human touch.

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